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Customized Nose Padding
  • Customized Nose Padding
  • Customized Nose Padding
  • Customized Nose Padding
Customized Nose Padding - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship within two weeks.

Do you want your dog's name printed on the nose padding of his muzzle?  We can do that!  Type in your dog's name, up to 12 letters, numbers or spaces.  (For example, "ROCKY 1A" is counted as 8 characters.) 

Printing will be done in all uppercase (capital) letters, in a crisp Arial font, in gold.

The padding will be made from soft leatherette, like our Double-Padded Greyhound Muzzles have.  The padding will be black, with a fine, natural leather texture, with no printing unless you type in your dog's name.  If you provide your dog's name, we'll print it on the nose leather prior to attaching to the muzzle.  This is a hand-made item, so there may be some irregularities or slight imperfections. 

When ordering more than one, separate the dog's names with commas, for example "Ajax, Loki, Freyja, Capri".

Please note: 

Check your order carefully before you pay to make sure you typed your dog's name and spelled it the way you want it.  If you forget, email us ASAP at sharon@hound-safe.com and if we receive your email before we ship your order, we'll fix it at no charge.  Once your order ships, we'll be unable to refund the customized nose padded if it's wrong.

Also please note that we can only offer this service for the Whippet muzzles at this time.