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Anti-Collision Window Alert Decal

Anti-Collision Window Alert Decal

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 Design Approximate Size
Butterfly 7.5" wide x 4.5" tall
Floral 7" wide x 7" tall
Home Sweet Home 8" wide x 4" tall
Hound 8" wide x 3.5" tall
Paw in Heart 7" wide x 6" tall


Teach your new hound not to run into the sliding glass door with our lovely window decals!  Sure, you can use painter's tape but it sure is ugly.  Our charming decals are all matte white for a subtle indication that the door is closed and doesn't detract from your room decor.  They are permanent and scrape off with a decal scraper, but they're so pretty you'll want to leave them on the door anyway!

Perfect for new dogs or fosters!  Be sure to apply the decal at dog eye-level!

Easy application

  1. Clean application area and allow to fully dry.
  2. Carefully peel blue backing paper from decal, leaving the decal attached to the clear transfer paper.
  3. Align the decal and press onto the window.  Carefully smooth out bubbles.
  4. Slowly pull clear transfer paper away at a sharp angle, as shown:

Decal application


Solid white vinyl

Care information

Clean the door as you normally would, the decals should not peel off from window cleaner.

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Lady showing affection to dog

Sharon's Thoughts

When adopting a new dog, common advice is to put a couple strips of painter's tape on your sliding glass doors so that the dog knows it's not an open door. When I saw these decals, I knew this was the better solution. They're pretty enough to stay on my door permanently but not so flashy they detract from my decor. No more painter's tape in MY house!