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Muzzle Strap Repair/Replacement

Muzzle Strap Repair/Replacement

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Oh no! Dog eat his muzzle again?  Sometimes those leather straps are just so tasty!  Don't worry, we can fix it! 

Or you just need a longer or shorter strap on a muzzle you want to buy?  We can help you there, too!

If you need to order a longer/shorter strap on a muzzle in your cart, choose the New Muzzle option.  The muzzles come standard with 7-inch neck straps, so on the length option you need.  We will make a new, correct-length strap to fit your dog and attach it to the muzzle prior to shipping it out to you.

If you need a strap repair/replacement on a muzzle you currently own, choose the Existing Muzzle option. This is how it works:  We'll email you a prepaid postage label.  You box up the broken muzzle and drop it in the mail.  We'll replace the broken strap with a new one and send it back to you, good as new!  No questions asked, no puppies punished! 

The Existing Muzzle option covers postage in both directions, the replacement materials and labor.

Step by Step for Existing Muzzle option:

  1. Place order.  We'll send you a postage label by email within 24 hours.
  2. Put broken muzzle in box and seal the box.  (Loose pieces are not needed.)
  3. Print the postage label on any printer and tape to the box.  Tape around all four sides of the label and be sure NOT to tape over the bar codes.
  4. Drop it in any US post office.
  5. We'll take care of the rest and keep you informed of it's progress.  We'll ship it back to you when it's repaired.

Warranty:  This item is made in-house and warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for up to 60 days from date of purchase.  Defects not covered under warranty are water or fire damage and chew damage.  To file a warranty claim, please contact us by email or chat.


Veg-tanned leather with chrome-plated brass buckles and rivets.

Care information

Use natural leather conditioner to clean.

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Sharon's Thoughts

After I learned basic leather crafting to make the muzzle keepers, I realized I could fairly easily also make custom-length straps for the muzzles! We hope you love this service!