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Rescue Window Stickers (2-pack)

Rescue Window Stickers (2-pack)

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Made from high quality vinyl.

Care information

Wipe with a damp cloth.

In the event of an emergency, you might not have time to round up all the fur-babies.  Or you might not be home at the time.  Don't worry!  With these window stickers you can let emergency services know that your family is still inside so they can rescue them!

These window stickers cling firmly to a clean/dry window.  Simply mark the number of each type of pet using a Sharpie or fine Magic Marker and affix to the window.  Recommended locations are windows near the primary points of entry for your home (near front and/or back doors).

Each pack contains two stickers.

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Lady showing affection to dog

Sharon's Thoughts

Yep, I have these on my front and back windows! Need to make sure my pets are rescued if anything happens to our house!