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Spooky Dog Harness

Spooky Dog Harness

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The harness is made of strong nylon cloth with extra durability and wearability, suitable for all-season use. High quality chrome plated brass hardware.

Care information

Machine wash in the laundry bag
Gentle cycle
Do not bleach

Never lose your shy dog again with this escape proof dog harness!

  • Third strap on the belly that can hold your dog in place and prevent him/her from escaping. Make sure the third strap is snug and your pup will not be able to back out of the harness.
  • The full-body reflective design ensures a safer walk day and night. You will never be worried about your dog not being seen by cars when walking your dog at night.  The stitching along the straps is subtle during the day but really pops at night from the reflective thread.
  • Built with 5 adjustment points and 4 quick-release buckles, making it super easy to customize to your dog's size and also allowing for growth and certain stretch room if needed. The breathable mesh fabric ensures optimal comfort during extending walks, training, and any outdoor adventures. Keeps your dog cool and cozy all the time.
  • A padded handle on the back that allows you to lift your dog and assist over obstacles. When your dog meets other dogs or crosses streets, the soft handle can provide you with instant grip control and assistance to prevent potential dangers to your dog.
  • Sturdy metal D-rings on both the front and back. The metal D-Ring at the chest discourages pulling and helps you redirect your furry friend.  If your buddy isn't a puller, the D-ring on the back is a perfect leash connection.
  • The Spooky Dog Harness is the perfect gear for your dog to enjoy training, hiking, walking, or any outdoor activities.
  • This new Spooky Dog Harness design will fit all breeds!  The third belly strap is adjustable to fit even barrel-chested breeds like labradors!

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Sharon's Thoughts

Made by Huntboo, these harnesses are high quality, and designed to prevent escapes! I'm so glad I found them because it's really hard to find genuine escape-proof harnesses!

I took them to the Greyhounds Reach the Beach event and was able to personally fit them on a wide variety of dogs. They'll fit any breed and are not too hard to adjust.

The picture of the black greyhound wearing a Teal harness is my very own Loki, helping me to confirm the fit. He's wearing a size XL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christine B
Harness Not Just for Spooky Dogs

This is a great harness. and a very good fit for greyhounds, initially bought one for a spooky-ish young greyhound and like it so much I am buying another for my 5 y/o (non-spooky). It just fits them very well, not too snug/tight/close under the front legs. I have had greyhounds pull and twist shockingly quick out of other harnesses during some scary event and this harness offers that extra protection of the waist connection. The extra connection doesn't bother my dogs at all and gives me a "grab 'em quick" strap that I sometimes need. Recommend.

eileen gallagher
Perfect for all Needs

Thank you so much for this harness! I have a beautiful fearful rescue with a small head and she has been able to slip even the most secure harness. With this extra fastener around her narrow waist, I am convinced this is the foolproof solution. Plus the pretty color and reflective stripe, I am thrilled with this harness. I hope it is never tested with her (I am sure that will happen) but I am very confident she will remain securely tethered to me on our walks.

Great customer service and game changing harness

First, great customer service! Harness was in stock and arrived quickly. I could not wait weeks for a custom order. We are fostering a galgo with a high prey drive. It is said that galgos are three dimensional thinkers that look for ways past obstacles. Our wily galgo discovered that by leaping and twisting enough, she could back out of the very good harness that came with her, even though it was as snug as it could go. She would also refuse to walk, just hoping we would pull the harness off of her. Not this harness! Your spooky dog or determined escape artist cannot slip this harness. Walks are now enjoyable and we can now concentrate on teaching her how to walk nicely on the leash instead of how to keep her safely leashed.