Something Special Pet Supplies Launch!

On February 1st 2016 I launched Something Special Pet Supplies.  Over the last few years I found that although there are many online stores selling pet-related merchandise, they are all either "Big Box" stores that carry inexpensive commodity items with no distinct vision or very small boutiques that cater only to a very precise clientele, like small dogs.  I designed my store to offer high quality products that promote the mental and physical well being of all of the pet species that are highly intelligent and social creatures.  My human customers are people who feel that their pets are members of the family and want to care for them to the best of their ability.

I volunteered and sat on the board for a couple of dog rescue organizations over the past ten years, and that experience has taught me a lot about the role of animals in society and how people relate to them.  I have observed that more affluent societies care more for their pets and seem to recognize more that animals have intellect and emotions.  It's not only because we can afford to spend money on them, but also because affluent societies tend to be better educated.  Calling your dog a furbaby or furkid is the reflection of your deep relationship with another being.  Just because he's a different species doesn't mean you love him less. And every day we see evidence that they love us back.

Tying this all together, I have curated for my shop products that help you provide the best life for your pet.  I've also organized my products into collections by species to help you provide for the special needs for each type of pet.  I have decided not to sell commodity products that you can by just anywhere, like doggy toothpaste.  You're better off buying that from your favorite big box store or grocery store.  Instead I've pulled together things that are a little harder to find in big box stores.  In cases where I do sell the same things, like the Mighty Dog toy series, I've tried to offer a larger selection of them than you can find elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy browsing in my shop and perhaps buying a few things.  My goal is to  grow my collections over the coming year, for example I would like to offer some interactive toys for rats and ferrets.  I you happen to know a manufacturer of products that might fit into my vision, I would love to hear about them!

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