Help, my dog chokes himself when we go for walks! What can I do?

Taking your dog for walks can be a real hassle if you don't have the right equipment.  Many dogs will choke themselves pulling hard against a leash attached to a collar and can even injure themselves doing so!  Sometimes a dog can slip out of his collar in a moment of excitement or sudden fear. 

To combat these problems, many people switch to a harness.  What many people don't realize is that most harnesses are designed for a purpose:  to allow the dog to pull things!  The dog has the most pulling leverage with a stationary harness that crosses in front of his chest.  For example:


So that doesn't solve the problem.  And some dogs can even back out of a harness in a sudden panic or simple determination!  What to do then?

The solution is to use a martingale-style harness.  HarnessLead is an integrated leash and martingale harness, and quite a unique design.  It's super easy to get on and off the dog:

Slip the loop over the dog's head, pass the leash under his chest and back around through the loop on the dog's withers, adjust the stop and hit the road!  Here's a terrific video demonstration of putting the HarnessLead on and off, along with fitting tips:

Because it gently tightens around the dog's chest when tension is applied to the leash, as when a scared dog tries to bolt, it's virtually escape-proof. 

But also important: the well-being of the dog!  HarnessLead doesn't choke the dog or bind under the arms.  It gently squeezes around the chest.  It's important to not yank on the lead to get the dog's attention, simply let the dog pull.  He will quickly learn that pulling on the leash tightens it, so he backs off and walks nicely.  Here is a short video showing the difference in one dog on the first try:

The HarnessLead's innovative design means that it works for dogs of all sizes and breeds.  We have two sizes and many colors to choose from.

It's machine washable and made in the U.S.A.  If your walks are frustrating and exhausting, buy a HarnessLead today and soon you'll be enjoying going for walks with your dog again!  You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!  And your dog will thank you!
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It’s strange to me how dogs do this. I’d think being choked in a standard collar would be more uncomfortable and distressing than having something tighten around my chest.

I personally get intense discomfort with anything applying any significant amount of pressure to the front of my neck. But maybe dogs aren’t quite as protective of their necks as people are? Maybe they desensitize themselves? I just have a hard time seeing why a dog wouldn’t ease up when choking themselves on a collar as well.


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