Double Padded Muzzle Sizing

Our Double Padded muzzle is popular with non-greyhound active breeds like shepherds doing herding trials!  If your dog isn't a greyhound, gauge proper fit by measuring your dog as shown in the Measuring Guide.  This muzzle will fit dogs in these size ranges:

  • Nose Length: 9 - 11 inches
  • Head Size:  9 - 12 inches
  • Muzzle Diameter:  up to 12 inches

If your dog has Nose Length 11 - 17 inches or a Head Size 12 - 23 inches, then this muzzle will fit with a custom-made strap.  Add the Muzzle Repair/Replacement Service to your cart along with the muzzle.  Muzzle Diameters over 12 inches should not use this muzzle as your dog must be able to open his mouth to pant and yawn.

Measuring Guide