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Rescue Garden Sign

Rescue Garden Sign

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Sturdy, weather-proof plastic.

Care information

Gently wipe with a damp cloth.

In the event of an emergency, you might not have time to round up all the fur-babies.  Or you might not be home at the time.  Don't worry!  With these garden signs you can let emergency services know that your family is still inside so they can rescue them!

Great for people who don't like or are not allowed to use window stickers!

Simply mark the number of each type of pet using a Sharpie or fine Magic Marker and place in the garden or potted plant near a front or back door.  The sign and stake are made of sturdy, weather-resistant plastic.  The sign is printed with high-visibility, fade-resistant ink. 

The large sign is octogon-shaped, 8 inches in diameter.  The stake is 9.5 inches long, so the sign stands 9 to 13 inches tall, depending how deep you plant it.  The stake has a pointed tip for easy insertion into soil.  The large sign is perfect for in-ground locations.

The small sign is rectangular in shape, 5.5 inches by 4 inches.  The stake is 6.5 inches long, so the sign will stand 6 to 9 inches tall, depending how deep you plant it.  The stake has a slanted/beveled tip for easy insertion into the soil.   The small sign is perfect for window boxes or potted plants.


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Sharon's Thoughts

Love these signs! They tend to last longer than the window decals, and they still look classy in your garden! Be sure to put them near entrances, where emergency services will see them.