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Double-Padded Greyhound Basket Muzzle

Double-Padded Greyhound Basket Muzzle

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Measuring Guide

If your dog has Nose Length 11 - 17 inches or a Head Size 12 - 23 inches, then this muzzle will fit with a custom-made strap.  Add the Muzzle Repair/Replacement Service to your cart along with the muzzle.  Muzzle Diameters over 11 inches should not use this muzzle as your dog must be able to open his mouth to pant and yawn.


Our Double-padded basket muzzles are made from best quality nylon with veg-tan leather straps and two layers of soft leatherette (faux leather) on the nose-band.

Care information

The plastic basket may be cleaned with warm, soapy water, being careful not to soak the leatherette padding or leather straps. If the leather straps do get wet (because some dogs like to play in the rain, too!), let it dry and then treat with a non-toxic leather conditioner. To clean the leatherette nose padding, wipe with a soft cloth.

Do you want a light-weight muzzle that doesn't chafe your dog's nose?  Our Double-padded basket muzzle is exactly what you're looking for!

Our Double-padded basket muzzles are made from best quality nylon and are long-wearing and comfortable for your dog to wear. Additionally, the muzzle has veg-tan leather straps and two layers of extra wide, soft leatherette (faux leather) on the nose-band for a comfortable fit.

Our Double padded muzzles are becoming very popular and is widely considered one of the best muzzles for dogs. They provide great protection for the dog's nose, ideal for pups that wear their muzzles for long periods of time. They are also suitable for use in kennels, kennel runs, sports, and for transporting.

Dog eats nasty things in the yard?  Here's the solution!

They also have an integrated stool guard while still allowing perfect ventilation and the ability to take treats and drink through the muzzle.  This is the best all-purpose basket muzzle on the market!

  • Best Quality Nylon plastic with excellent ventilation
  • Extra wide, soft leatherette (faux leather) padding on the nose-band, printed with "Something Special" (padding may be either black, blue or red)
  • High quality veg-tan leather straps
  • Light and comfortable to wear (lighter than American style greyhound muzzles!)
  • Space below the mouth is enclosed for good protection against those who like to snack in the yard.  No stool cup necessary!
If you want your dog's name printed on the muzzle instead of "Something Special", we can do that!  Just add the Customized Nose Padding to your order along with the muzzle.
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    Sharon's Thoughts

    I've adored this product from the first day I started selling it. It's lighter than American style plastic muzzles, the leatherette padding prevents rubbing off the fur of the dog's nose, and the integrated stool protection is just an added benefit. It's so dog-friendly! It's my best selling item in the whole store so I'm not alone in loving it. And yes, I use them too. Capri's was yellow, Ajax's was blue, Loki's is red. Freyja is using Capri's, so that shows that they can last a long time. I also love my supplier in Ireland who keeps me well-stocked, and hand-manufactures them!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Aliza Ansell
    City Girl Bag

    Great muzzle for our poop eating dog. The plastic is a bit rough, wish it had more padding, but it's doing the trick. We're so grateful to find a muzzle that fits our Shepherd/Lab mix. He has a super long thin nose.

    Stephanie Jenson
    The perfect muzzle

    As a dog trainer I own many and mean many muzzles and this is by far my favorite in my collection. This particular muzzle is absolutely perfect for my fit 64 pound pitty mix (not your typical meat head block body). She has discovered my neighbors nasty habit of throwing his old food in the woods behind our house. The stool guard works perfectly to prevent her from imbibing in spoiled "snickies". I will be recommending this muzzle to anyone that asks. I'd love to see a larger size available for "big" dogs because we need more nice muzzles like this available!

    Super fast shipping!

    Beth Ann Jewell
    Light, Effective, and Beautiful

    I got five of these to replace the racing muzzles I’ve been using for greyhound turn out to keep the hounds from hurting each other with their mouths during play. These are light weight but strong. They have rounded edges and flex enough to be gentle when they bonk into each other, which greyhounds often do in play (my other brands did not and could chafe). They fit my hounds with various sized heads and weights from 70 to 95 lbs and apparently would also fit smaller greyhounds due to substantial adjustment length. The quality is evident in every detail. There is a roller buckle that smoothly finds the holes in the thick, smooth, high quality leather without me having to look closely and play with it. It’s fast and easy to secure and adjust these on the dogs. I love the colors, which are more vibrant than my computer shows them from the web site. I got green, blue, orange, red, pink; all bright and beautiful. Smooth surfaces clean easily. I hope they last forever because they are so much better than any others I’ve ever used before.

    Lawren Jones
    "Great" muzzle

    Our Greyhound is muzzled when we are not with her. This isn't often since hubby works from home, and I am around working in the barn, with the horses, or on the property. The dogs have access to the yard. However, because this is what she is used to, when we do both leave for a few hours, I would worry about the time the muzzle was on. The common plastic basket muzzles we were used to can get rough spots on them. Then we were trying to find ways to pad it soft for her delicate skin. This muzzle's structure along with the leather, seems so much lighter and comfortable. The little extra bit of solid plastic at the tip, also serves as a bit of a traditional "poo cup." Shipping and response was incredible. Happy Grey! Happy humans!!

    Karen Ronne
    Life Saving Muzzle

    We have been using your basket muzzle on our golden retriever. It has been a literal life saver for him. His name is Cooper. He is a canine vacuum cleaner. He has already at the age of 3 years had 2 major surgeries to remove landscaping mesh including the grass imbedded in it, socks, towels, plastic dog bowls.

    He now goes outside and we breathe much easier. It has worked so well we are now one of your greatest fans. We have given your web site info to our vet who has other occasional other dogs with this issue. Thank you so much. We feel this is actually saving Cooper's life.