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Whippet Muzzle (Irish style)

Whippet Muzzle (Irish style)

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Is your whippet a bit snippy when he plays the chase game?  Our light-weight muzzle keeps his teeth where they belong but doesn't interfere with his fun!

Imported from Ireland, our whippet muzzles made from flexible and strong nylon plastic are suitable for all sized whippets or similar small breeds. This muzzle is the same style as the Plastic Coursing/Racing muzzle for greyhounds but scaled down in size. 

  • High Quality Nylon with smooth riveted joints for strength
  • Adjustable to fit most whippet sizes or small dogs with a head shape similar to whippets
  • Hard Wearing, flexible to avoid cracking or breaking and too strong to tear
  • Double leather straps (under chin and behind head)
  • Light and comfortable to wear

Popular with other active breeds like Salukis and Jack Russell terriers!

This muzzle comes without any nose padding.  However, if you would like nose padding added, we are happy to do that!  We offer customized nose padding printed with your dog's name on it, if you like!

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Whippet Muzzle Measuring Guide

If your dog has Nose Length above 9 inches or a Head Size more than 11 inches, then this muzzle will fit with a custom-made strap.  Add the Muzzle Repair/Replacement Service to your cart along with the muzzle.  Muzzle Diameters over 8.5 inches should not use this muzzle as your dog must be able to open his mouth to pant and yawn.


High quality nylon plastic with smooth riveted joints for strength. The straps are made from textured, lightweight leather.

Care information

The plastic basket may be cleaned with warm, soapy water, being careful not to get the leather components wet. If the leather does get wet (because some dogs like to play in the rain, too!), let it dry and then treat with a non-toxic leather conditioner.

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Sharon's Thoughts

Our Whippet Muzzle is a terrific success story. They sell fairly well to people with whippets and salukis, and recently we've been selling them for other small, active breeds also, as you can see in the photos. The feedback we've been getting is very enthusiastic, too!

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