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Hound Safe® Whippet Muzzle

Hound Safe® Whippet Muzzle

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Whippet Muzzle Measuring Guide

If your dog has Nose Length above 9 inches or a Head Size more than 11 inches, then this muzzle will fit with a custom-made strap.  Add the Muzzle Repair/Replacement Service to your cart along with the muzzle.  Muzzle Diameters over 8.5 inches should not use this muzzle as your dog must be able to open his mouth to pant and yawn.


High quality nylon plastic with veg-tanned leather straps.

Care information

The plastic basket may be cleaned with warm, soapy water, being careful not to get the leather components wet. If the leather does get wet (because some dogs like to play in the rain, too!), let it dry and then treat with a non-toxic leather conditioner.

Ideal for dogs that eat nasty stuff in the yard!

The integrated stool guard blocks the lower front of the muzzle to make it hard for the dog to eat stuff off the ground, while allowing airflow above and below.  It also includes a small hole in the bottom to allow water through the blocking so that the dog can easily drink with the muzzle on, if needed.  The space between the "bars" in the front, above the blocking is about 1/2" wide, so that training treats can be easily slipped through.  It is also spacious enough to allow the dog to yawn and pant freely.

The plastic is moderately flexible so that it's comfortable to wear and can fit a variety of head shapes.  It also weighs only about 2 ounces!  Straps are veg-tanned, black leather.

This muzzle comes without any nose padding.  However, if you would like nose padding added, we are happy to do that!  We offer customized nose padding printed with your dog's name on it, if you like!

Warranty:  This item is manufactured in house and warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for 60 days from date of purchase.  Defects not covered under the warranty are water or fire damage and chew damage.  If you'd like to file a warranty claim, please contact us by email or chat.

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Sharon's Thoughts

We had a lot of customer demand for the double-padded muzzle style but in whippet sizes because of the integrated stool guard feature. I searched around and asked my Irish muzzle supplier - nobody would make them. So I went out and had one designed and manufactured! We hope you love it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic Fit & Function

I bought this after a muzzle I bought from a different seller broke within a month of buying it. I was annoyed because that seller was in the Netherlands and I couldn't find any Whippet gear sellers in the US..until now. I got this muzzle shipped so quickly and it fits my girl PERFECTLY! She has room between her snout and the muzzle (which is how it should be) so she can't bite her nephew when she chases him anymore and the material is quality. I am buying another for my other Whip for sure!


My whippet is on the small side and was worried this wouldn't fit. It fits her perfectly. No more eating bad things! I couldn't have wished for a better muzzle.


My silken windhound is obsessed with hunting toads in the yard. Eating just one could kill her, so I couldn't leave her unsupervised at night. Not even for a minute. Now with this muzzle, she can roam around safely. She can drink water but can't eat off of the ground with it on. You can even put a treat in the muzzle. Just block the bottom water hole with your hand, otherwise it will fall out.

Rob Norquay
Whippet Muzzle a great success!

Our Whippet Hobbes has finally got a muzzle that is comfortable. We've tried several. The Hound Safe muzzle is super. He behaves as if he doesn't know he's wearing it. He can now wander around our ravine garden and we don't have to worry about him eating stuff (other muzzles he seemed to be able to). Thanks for such a great design!